Our Support Worker Kanta shares her experience.

Diwali will be celebrated this year from 11 November to 15 November. Diwali, or the “Festival of Lights,” is a major celebration in India and among Hindus worldwide. It’s all about lights, joy, and positivity!

During Diwali, people light up their homes with beautiful lamps and candles, create colorful designs on the ground, and burst fireworks. Families get together for prayers, share delicious sweets, and exchange gifts.

We asked one of our awesome Indian support workers, Kanta Naiker, about what a traditional Diwali experience is like.

Kanta shares that her and her whanau celebrate Diwali with vibrant decorations including ragoli and diyas, symbolizing light over darkness. When asked what Diwali means for her, she said;

Considering the essence of Diwali, I see it as an opportunity for personal growth and renewal. I aim to focus on mindfulness, enhance relationships, and prioritize a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, express interest in learning new skills, spreading kindness, and setting goals in both professional and cultural aspects, all in the spirit of a more enriching celebration.

Diwali is a time to celebrate new beginnings and, of course, indulge in mouthwatering traditional dishes. Diwali is like a huge, radiant, and delicious party where good conquers evil, and love and unity shine through.

We asked Kanta what her fondest memory of Diwali celebration is and she gave us this beautiful recount;

One memory that has appointed by eye is last year’s Diwali as the sun began to set, casting a warm golden glow over our home, I could feel the excitement in the air. The aroma of freshly prepared sweets and Savory snacks filled every corner. I remember my family gathered in the living room, the soft glow of diyas illuminating the space. Laughter and chatter echoed as we exchanged gifts and shared stories. It was that moment, surrounded by the warmth of loved ones and the glow of light, that I truly felt the spirit of Diwali, a memory etched in my heart forever.

Thank you for sharing your Diwali experience with us Kanta and educating PHC on the importance of this special holiday to our Indian whanau. We will all be looking out for the special fireworks in the night sky!

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