We are excited to extend our congratulations to our November employee of the month, Yuanjun Shen! Yuanjun is employee of the month due to her responsiveness and patience to employee questions and requests around payroll.

Additionally, Yuanjun helped to launch PHC’s first Chinese language week, which helped to educate our staff about Chinese language and culture. Yuanjun journeyed from China to New Zealand  in 2011 to enroll in Massey university. She pursued a major in Finance and a minor in Economics. After graduating, Yuanjun pursued various finance-related positions.

Yuanjun says her favourite thing about working at Pacific Homecare is,

I have the opportunity to immerse myself in island culture and savor various local island cuisines. And Pacific Homecare is so caring, loving and professional.

Yuanjun also praises her colleagues, one specifically. She says that her co-worker Filomena has been a mentor to her and has provided her with extensive training in payroll and accounting.

Thank you, Yuanjun, for your continued dedication and hard work at Pacific Homecare. Your service is recognised and appreciated.

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