The amazing Lotomoua has won the employee of the month award for the month of October. Loto has been recognized due to her hard work and especially her dedication to her support worker role at PHC! Loto has been working off and on at PHC since she moved from Tonga in 2006.

Lotomoua has loved her time working as a support worker over her long service. She says,

“I enjoy working at Pacific Homecare mostly because I like talking with my clients. Talking to my elderly clients reminds me of what it was like to talk with my mum or grandma”.

Loto says that she lives and works by PHC’s values of Love, care and professionalism. She enjoys engaging with her clients in a compassionate way, which inspires trust and content within her clients.

Loto praises everyone at PHC for their hard work and dedication to the mahi they do to help other people. She says that everyone who works here inspires her every day. “I couldn’t pick one person that inspires me, everyone does a great job”.

In her free time, Loto likes to attend Church with her husband who is a pastor. The Church is very important to Loto, which motivates her to do the important work she does for PHC.

Well done on winning employee of the month Loto, it is well deserved!

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