On Friday the 14th of June we celebrated the graduation of one of our biggest Money Smart classes to date.

This quarter, we congratulated, and celebrated with twenty-eight participants.

The Money Smart programme is run once a quarter with what was traditionally twenty-five participants. Working in collaboration with facilitator Brenda Simmons from Fonua Ola, it supports families towards the goal of encouraging smarter financial decision making. Some of the modules included are:

– Trust
– Money
– Needs & Wants
– Goals
– Keep Track of Money
– Paying off your Debt
– Borrowing Sensibly
– Save
– Get a Fair Share
– Pay it Forward

The proud twenty-eight were members of our Whanau Ora families who have set goals for themselves that are of a financial nature

This time round, we moved from a six-week programme with evening classes that ranged from 1.5 – 2 hours a class to a two-day intense programme. Although the two days are intense, this has been a welcomed change for all concerned. One that is preferred by our families as shown in the graduation numbers.

Our congratulations goes out to all families who have completed Money Smart since March, 2018. We hope the strategies taught in the Money Smart programme influences your future. As always, we eagerly look forward to the next group of families.

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