Ngatuaine Vaipo, a six-year-old gorgeous, energetic, little boy who lives with his nana Jessie and pa Noomara in Otara. Young Ngatuaine, affectionately known as NJ has called Otara home from the young age of one and a half years.  

Born with Microcephalys and Retinal Dystrophy NJ has come with challenges that are unique to his condition.

Nurtured by the tender hands of nana and groomed by a loving grandpa NJ’s progress has been tremendous. He has come from the tiny baby who needed to be tube fed to the confident, energetic, beautiful, little boy he is today. He is mostly independent and has recently started walking (and running).

Nana Jessie and Papa Noomara were beaming with pride when they discussed young NJ’s progress to the active, bubbly child he is today. A far cry from the tube fed baby he was born, and with the additional complication of having a stroke at the young age of two.

Having graduated from kindergarten, NJ attended normal school for a short stint. He found it difficult to keep up and was quite often isolated because he could not communicate the same way as the other kids.

NJ now attends BLENNZ Homai Campus School. Since attending BLENNZ NJ has thrived. He has made friends and enjoys the school curriculum. Some of the perks at BLENNZ include horse riding, swimming, and most importantly, enjoying the company of good friends.

Homai has been amazing with helping Ngatuaine gain more independence


Though few and far between, Jessie and Noomara enjoy a few guilty pleasures in their free time. Jessie enjoys time to herself while Noomara enjoys growing taro and mowing the lawn, or having a good old korero with the friendly neighbours.

having a Support Worker helps us with free time. NJ used to go to respite but it’s too far away


The family first heard of Pacific Homecare by recommendation from Taikura and have been with us since 2015.

We are happy, as long as they do their job

Jessie & Noomara

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