Whānau Ora client and Pacific Homecare (PHC) customer, Ami Taramatang, is an inspiration to us all. After years of hard work and perseverance, all that Ami worked to achieve has finally paid off and we’re so proud. 

She joined Te Whatu Ora Te Toka Tumai at Auckland Hospitals Adult Elective Surgical Ward in mid-October last year. Ami had previously undergone four years of study at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) before graduating and joining the organisation.

During her student journey, Ami mentioned how Pacific Homecare’s services had a positive impact on herself and her family. By providing the support she needed to thrive. Through this, it alleviated all stresses that could have interfered with her succeeding in her studies or daily life. Allowing Ami to concentrate on her work and achieve her goals.

 “I started at Te Whatu Ora Te Toka Tumai, Auckland in mid-October. I trained at Auckland University of Technology for four years. The service provided by Pacific Homecare has had a huge positive impact on me and my family during my journey. It has helped alleviate the stress of unmet necessities during my time of being a student. Allowing me to concentrate on my studies and to succeed.”

And by 2022, Ami achieved her goals! Over the years at Pacific Homecare, we have seen Ami flourish. From being one of our Biggest Loser Challenge spot prize winners in 2022 to now gaining a degree at Auckland University of Technology and acquiring an amazing role at Te Whatu Ora Te Toka Tumai.

As an organization dedicated to the well-being of its customers, Pacific Homecare is proud to have supported Ami on her journey. She encourages us all, proving that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.

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