Lesieli receiving a certificate at the latest PHC celebration, 2022.

“Koe kamataanga oe ilo koe apasia kia Sihova – the beginning of knowledge springs from our reverence to Jehovah. To gain wisdom and knowledge, we must begin with showing reverence to God.”

This May 12th is International Nurses Day. A celebration of the heroes in healthcare, that work to ensure every patient is given the proper care they need.

Pacific Homecare’s (PHC) Clinical Coordinator, Lesieli Polutele embodies all the characteristics of a strong, wonderful Nurse. Throughout her career, Lesieli valued the importance of education. This was quickly matched by her dedication to serving her patients and their whānau.

With over 38 years in the nursing field, her humble and kind nature has made her a valuable employee at PHC. Here, she currently oversees the homecare services and ensures the highest level of customer care is given daily.

Lesieli’s nursing journey began in 1985. Graduating in her homeland of Tonga as a Registered Nurse, this was only the beginning of her long line of education – to help clients that need her services most.

In 1995, Lesieli gained a certificate in Intensive Care. Receiving a certificate in Post Basic Nursing that same year. Ten years on, Lesieli achieved a Level 4 Certificate in Orthopedic Nursing at Auckland Hospital. By 2014, she achieved a Postgraduate Certificate in Specialty Care and a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences, Advanced Nursing.

With this skill set, it has also allowed her to help others achieve their goals in the nursing industry. Recently, Lesieli worked alongside Student Nurse, Stacey Paulo Rawiri at PHC. With her help, Stacey was able to develop her skills in nursing and increase her knowledge about the home-based healthcare that we use to serve our customers. Using her education to help others around her, just proves the heart of gold Lesieli holds.

In Lesieli’s words, “In all things I give glory to God for his guidance through my years, praise be to the most high.” Her story is a reminder that with hard work, determination and faith, we can make a positive impact in our lives and on those around us.

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