Pacific Homecare customer, 21-year-old John Folau, is a star role model that never lets anything stop him from shining. Born 25 weeks premature into a loving Tongan household, John’s mum, Fekita, said, “he has grown into a healthy and happy young man.” 

After being introduced to Pacific Homecare in 2014, Fekita and her husband soon received permanent Support Workers to care for John. As he is blind and non-verbal, John listens out for his Support Workers each day, bursting with happiness when they greet him. He loves them so much that he misses them when they go on holiday.

Fekita says, “John is blind and non-verbal, but he uses his ears to listen. He knows one of the girl’s [Support Workers] voice. When he hears her, he recognises her and feels comfortable. When she was on holiday, he was sad cos he couldn’t hear her voice.” His adoration for the team shows how much love, care and professionalism is poured into each service.  

When it’s the Folau family’s turn to go on holiday, they enjoy quality time with their loved ones. Spending the recent Christmas holidays at Fekita’s sisters’ house, having fun and making lifelong memories. 

With family time being an important part of the Folau family’s lives, Fekita, her husband and John usually go out once a month to shop, drive around and eat a naughty treat…ice cream! John often eats special milk from his Doctor, but on days like those they give him delicious ice cream to enjoy…because he loves it!

“Sometimes we take him out on a Saturday or Sunday, and we eat ice cream together,” mentioned Fekita. 

When John isn’t with his Support Workers or family, he continues that star role model life, going to school three days a week. Fekita says John loves school, especially when they play songs for him to sing along to. “Because he’s going to school, they sometimes play English and Tongan songs. He gets so happy to listen to the music.” Music is a treasured part of John’s life, whether it be joining in on songs at prayer meetings or dancing to the radio, he is always happy to listen and sing along. 

Fekita said she and her husband are so grateful to PHC’s Support Workers for caring for John, as it gives her time to care of her health.  

John, Fekita and her husband shine brightly with their love for one another and positivity that makes all feel welcome. 

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