September to November has been a great time with celebrations of our Pacific people and our languages. Being we work with a lot of our Pacific community, customers and workers, we got in amongst the festivities. Following the Cook Island Language week celebrations, over the last few months, we have celebrated the Fijian, Niuean and Tokelauan languages.

Over these language weeks, we developed some digital content to encourage the use of these languages on a day-to-day basis. Common phrases like hello or good morning, messages of care and even ‘Where’s my wallet?’ were some of the phrases we shared.

We shared this all via our Facebook page but thought it would be great to put them all in one place for you all. Super easy access for you all!

A massive thank you to our awesome admin and support workers who helped create this all for you.

Fijian Language:

Niuean Language:

Tokelauan Language:

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