NEWS_EOM_June_Teina_NewsSupport Worker Teinakore-O-George Tutai (Teina) was raised by her Grand Uncle in Aitutaki. After raising her own family, working as a supervisor in a cleaning company, and looking after her grandchildren, Teina decided to have a change and joined Pacific Homecare. She is known for her dedication to looking after her complex clients, going the extra mile. She’s our Employee of the Month for June!

Tell us a little bit about your background
I was born in the Cook Islands. My mother passed away when I was six years old and my dad passed away when I was 10, so I was raised by my grand uncle in Aitutaki.

I come from a big family of 10 children; four boys and six girls, and I have four children myself, two boys and two girls and five grandchildren. All but one of my children live in Australia.

I have been a Support Worker at Pacific Homecare for four years now. Before that I was a grandmother at home and before that from 1986 – 1998, I was a Supervisor at United Cleaning looking after the Airport.
What sorts of things do you do in your job?
I provide mostly personal care to my high needs clients and I love my job. At first I wasn’t too sure about the job because I wasn’t too comfortable cleaning other people, but I met my client Fetinai and I became connected to her and all of my other clients. This started my love for my job. Even when I get sick, I still want to come to work.
Tell us about your clients / a normal day in your job?
Each day I try my best to keep my clients as comfortable as possible, even though there are days when my patience is pushed. Because I love my job and looking after my clients, I have learnt to be patient and just talk to them and let them know that I will get round to doing what they ask but they are reminded that I can only do one task at a time…..and the clients usually understand and apologise.
What training have you completed at Pacific Homecare?
I have completed up to Level 3 Certificate in Support Services and am considering a personal investment in myself by signing up for Level 4.
What do you like most about working at Pacific Homecare?
Pacific Homecare offer at home support to the elderly and disabled of Pacific Island decent. This is something I am passionate about and that makes me love my job even more. I am supported with the work I do and I have the tools to complete the work.
Who inspires you?
My children. My children are my life.
At the end of your working day, what do you like to do?
I love to put my feet up after a hard day’s work and enjoy a nice glass of wine.
Favourite type of music?
Cook Island music of course!
Favourite food?
Cook Island food
What are you into right now?
I love to relax and watch my favourite TV Shows. I enjoy Home & Away, Neighbours, Shortland Street and the News.
What languages do you speak?
Cook Island & English
What are your hobbies?
I used to play netball (GA position) but now that my knee is bad, I like watching netball. I also enjoy playing Darts.
What’s your favourite childhood memory?
I like thinking back to the days when my grand uncle whom I call dad raised me.
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Professional Dart Player
If you weren’t doing this job what would you be doing?
I’d be living in Australia with my daughters and grand children
From Teina’s Coordinator
“Teina takes really good care of her complex clients especially Fetinai Toe. Her clients really appreciate the service she offers and we appreciate how she goes the extra mile for her clients.”

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