In collaboration with Vaka Tautua, Cook Island mamas and papas over at our wellness programme, Metua Pakari, welcomed their first Matua Ola Manuia Market Day for 2022 last Friday. A well-missed event that was last celebrated in December 2020.

As the first major event for Pacific Homecare since the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns, it showed how valuable moments like these are for our elderly groups, who cherish the connectedness these occasions bring. Those in attendance were welcomed by the Director of Whānau Ora Services, Rauna Murray-Stowers and Metua Pakari Coordinator, Haikiu Baiabe, given the lotu/blessing by Reverend Elama, hosted by MC, John Kiria and supported by our Pacific Homecare staff.

Not only was it a day to showcase the Metua Pakari groups’ items, but it was a time for them to celebrate and reap the rewards of their hard work. And as ALL of them showed, it was a day to have fun, dance and sing their hearts out!

For more information on Vaka Tautua and Pacific Homecare’s wellness programmes, click the links below:

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Feel free to check out photos from the day. Below:

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