Interviewing our employees of the month is always so refreshing.  Getting a little bit of insight into the people that makes delivering service to our community possible.
This month we get a snippet of the life of a very passionate, Hapa Ofanoa and understand why he loves the work he does. 
Tell us a little bit about your background
Malo e lelei, my name is Hapa Ofanoa. I migrated to New Zealand with my family in 2005 to find a better life.

I am an active member of the Tongan Congregation here in New Zealand and choir master for the Tongan Methodist Church for the last two years.

I am very passionate about my work because of what I can do for my community.
What sorts of things do you do in your job?
Like most Support Workers my skills allow me to work with all customers ones who require personal care all the way to those who require complex care.

I also take some of my clients out for a walk around the block to exercise.
Tell us about your clients / a normal day in your job?
I love all my customers and treat them with respect.

Every one of them have a different need and I try my best to meet every need.
What training have you completed at Pacific Homecare?
Pacific Homecare has supported me through my Levels two & three Health and Wellbeing Certificates. They also offer different courses in-house to improve my skills at work.
What do you like most about working at Pacific Homecare?
What I like most about this job is helping and supporting people in our community.
Who inspires you?
The one person who inspires me to do my job each day and to do it well, is Jesus. He is the great role model.

“Do unto others as you want done to yourself”.
At the end of your working day, what do you like to do?
In my own time, I go to choir practice and spending time with my family
Favourite type of music?
Tongan music and Church music
Favourite food?
Yam and Seafood
What languages do you speak?
Tongan and English
What’s your favourite childhood memory?
Helping mum to clean the house
What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a Policeman
If you weren’t doing this job what would you be doing?
Looking after my family. Go back to school. Find other jobs.

An observation by CEO Hamish Crooks, “I was driving home the other day and saw one of our Support Workers holding the hand of our young disabled customers while taking him for a walk.  It was such a good sight to see. As I drove past, I saw that it was our Employee of the Month Hapa Ofanoa”

To be able to offer that little bit of comfort and joy to our customers in their daily lives is extremely fulfilling. After all, it’s the simple things in life that make us happy.

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