Talofa Lava, E tua le fale tele I le faleo’o – Even the mighty, needs others

This month and in particular this week we have been celebrating Samoan Language week.

The proverb captures our thoughts here at Pacific Homecare where we really need each other in our communities and in particular the elderly who may feel lonely, not really heard and/or isolated from their loved ones. So again take the time to enjoy each other’s company.

At the time of writing the Government has released its 2019 Wellbeing budget and I have to say it also captures the feeling of this Samoan proverb. Significant funding has gone towards Mental Health and Wellbeing something that affects many families in New Zealand.

Also we see more focus on Children’s wellbeing. Something we all understand around vulnerable children and families and the support they need. We also see increased funding in Whanau Ora for the next four years as well which is good for our families. Overall it was a good wellbeing budget focussing on the government and the country’s priorities.

In terms of Homecare Support Services, the Pay Equity settlement continues onwards with Support Workers also receiving increase wage rates on the 1st July 2019. As well as this Pacific Homecare has begun the Collective Bargaining process with the union E Tu for our staff who are members of the Union.

Again, we have been busy in May continuing to deliver our services each day and we do notice as we head in the colder seasons that we are experiencing more of unwellness among both our customers and some of our staff. So please continue to keep yourself warm and ensure you have had the flu vaccinations.

My congratulations to June Tangiia who is our Employee of the Month of May with lots of positive feedback from customers and coordinators on her work and availability. Also, read this month’s family story of Teleai Afoa as it is both moving and insightful.

In closing, I was at the New Zealand Cook Islands Health Conference in Otahuhu this week and I was so impressed with Papa Dr. Joe Williams who at the young age of 82 is still practising as a GP at Mt Wellington. He is a former Prime Minister of the Cook Islands, still making insightful health and medical presentations and is simply an amazing Pacific leader that is very inspiring. Thank you so much.
Have a wonderful month and let’s continue to look after each other

Fa’afetai tele lava

Hamish Crooks
Chief Executive

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