Yes, it is getting close to summer and I have been enjoying the spring months, as it is a time to refresh, do the gardens, clean section, and go for some walks.
At Pacific Homecare we also started our ‘Biggest Losers’ programme again with our workers, whanau ora families, and friends. It is both challenging and fun for those who participate (and sometimes those who are watching us).

Anyway, health and wellness are always on the top of mind and we pursue possibilities.

This month we have Michaela Tafao starting with us as a Resource Coordinator so please welcome her when you are in contact with the office team, Michaela is Samoan and has come from another Pacific Provider, South Auckland Southsea’s Healthcare.

We have also farewelled Malia Atkinson our Accounts/Admin Support person and wish her well for her future.

Whanau Ora services continue to deliver good outcomes for our families and similarly with our Home & Community Support services to elderly and people with disabilities. One of our challenges is always having the right amount of staff at the right time, in the right place with the right skills, tools and experience.  However we all know this is not always possible for different valid reasons when someone is on leave, not well or simply moves on to other employment opportunities.

Pacific Homecare will always endeavour to ensure all our customers get the right support workers and we will communicate with you to ensure we can or when we have challenges. So continue to communicate with us around our services when Field and Clinical coordinators come to see you.

This month we also celebrated Fijian language week so please visit our Facebook page for some of the stuff we got up to.

As always much love to you all.

Vinaka Vakalevu


Hamish Crooks
Chief Executive
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