Well, Christmas and New Year is upon us for 2019 and yes, as always, it is a busy time of getting work done, attending meetings and events as well as organising our own events as we head towards the Christmas break, even though our Homecare Health Support Services carries on every day through this period, as per normal. I would like to say thank you to all our Support Workers, Resource Coordinators and staff who work through, it is always much appreciated.

Our Whanau Ora Team with Hamish and Lou.

Like every year this year brings its own good sense of differences with challenges, changes and some really good outcomes for the people we serve. As we celebrate Christmas we are very mindful of our customers and their families and we want to ensure they are well looked after.  Secondly, we also reflect on the customers/clients who have also lost loved ones over the year and we are mindful of families who may for the first time be missing them at this time of the year. So our love is with you as well. What is important is that we continue to look after one another and always catch up where we can and simply stay healthy and well to enjoy each other’s company.

Shirley and Sharminder Triveni – Employee’s of the Months(Nov / Dec 2019)

During the year some of the Highlights have been our ‘Employees of the Month’ and what they continue to do in serving our customers. In November and December, we had 2 wonderful sisters-in-law, Shirley and Sharminder Triveni who exemplify great workers over many years for Pacific Homecare. I also remember the O’Rock 5km and 10km obstacle course event at Sir Barry Curtis Park where 70 of our staff and families participated. We have had some amazing outcomes for our Whanau Ora Families across our community and we thank Pasifika Futures for their support over the year.  But more importantly, it is our own work, day in and day out, that often goes unrecognised and the hard work everyone does to support our families in their own homes.

Hamish Crooks with Mili Fa’afaga, Acknowledged for over 20 years of service with PHC.

One of my recent reflections at our staff graduation and Christmas celebration was the word “Thankfulness” and how it comes in many forms. The obvious form is when people tell you verbally that they appreciate you and say thanks for all the things you have done. But sometimes thankfulness can be silent, it can come in the form of a smile, a hug, maybe in a few tears of appreciation, or a flower.  However, it may come in another form people do not always fully appreciate and prefer not to recognise it, when you get told off, or someone complains about something or raises an issue because people don’t always enjoy the process, but in fact we should be thankful for these as well as it helps us to do our work better, to consider other perspectives that are not the same as ourselves, but it is actually very important so with can improve and change for all the right reasons.  So, can I just say on behalf of all of us at Pacific Homecare we want to thank you all, whether you are a Support Worker, an Office Worker, a board member, one of our suppliers or our funders or our partners in the work we all do, because we want to say thank you, thank you, Kia ora, Faafetai lava, Malo Aupito, Vinaka Vaka Levu, Nimaste, Meitaki maata e kia manuia. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration.

Hamish Crooks
Chief Executive

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