Well, the month of March was very challenging for all of us as New Zealanders, especially around the attacks on the two Muslim temples in Christchurch.

There is no doubt our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with all the families and friends affected by these attacks. Also particularly the whole of Christchurch and the rest of New Zealand. Really devastating, to say the least.

At Pacific Homecare we took the time to commemorate with the rest of New Zealand and we also checked in with our own Muslim workers and families who were feeling this especially.  For us it also a reminder of how we should view each other and our own attitudes in our communities as we all work cross-culturally more and more, across many cultures, many faiths, and a rich diversity of people.

Showing respect and care for each other is what is required more of despite feeling the challenge of maybe feeling uncomfortable at first. So take care everyone and be safe.

In terms of the ongoing work here at Pacific Homecare this month it has been very busy again where up to 20 families in our Whanau Ora services enjoyed the Money Smarts programme which teaches not just about how to look after your finances, but also around the behavior in our spending between Needs and Wants. Thanks to Fonua Ola Trusts team of Brenda Simmons and Nui Tangi for implementing a great course well received.

Also, our own Navigators were also busy in implementing the health and wellness programme services as part of the Biggest Losers which includes a boot camp each Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks and end with the O’Rock event at the end of April which is 5km or 10 km obstacle course at Sir Barry Curtis event. We currently have up to 70 participants so far, more on that next month.

Also, can I add my congratulations to Filomena Beirne our Accounts/Payroll employee who is our Employee of Month? Often the people behind the machinery of our services are not always seen, but re certainly critical in making sure everything else in place. Over the Holiday period paying staff on time is critical to ensuring that this is looked after. Filo worked really hard to ensure all staff got paid before the statutory holidays which fell on Paydays and she is simply a hardworking, awesome staff member.

In closing, please read our customers story Victor Killian who participates in our Fia Ola services. In closing on behalf of our Board, Management, employees, and customers look after each other, keep healthy and safe

Much love and care

Hamish Crooks
Chief Executive

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