Happy New Year for 2019 and I hope, and trust all is well for you all this summer as we experience some excellent weather, albeit a little bit on the hot side, so keep hydrated and enjoy the summer.

There are two amazing women we are very proud of in terms of some of the challenges they have had to overcome and the journey towards better outcomes for themselves and their families. One is Seini and you can read her story below.

She also shared her story at the Annual Whanau Ora Conference host by Pasifika Futures in November last year, it was both very compelling and confronting to all our leaders and families who heard her story.

The other wonderful woman who shares her story and journey is Ao Baker our Employee of the month for January who has come such a long way from being the daughter of one of our customers (who by the way had quite a reputation among our staff …. but that’s for another time). To then working as a Support Worker with us and seeing our work from a Support Workers perspective.

We have seen such an amazing transformation over the years to now a very deservedly Employee on the Month award for great service to our customers, and yes we are very proud of her for sure.

We are also very excited about the year ahead of us. Our elderly and Whanau Ora families involved in our Fia Ola and Metua Pakari programmes start up in early February and I hear they are all keen to get going again.

We also have our wellness programme for “Biggest losers and O’Rock challenge” coming up, as well as a “Money Smart” programme for families in March, so lots happening.

We have received some support funding from Alliance Health Plus for Pacific Provider Development that will go mainly towards investing in our workforce capabilities and qualifications for staff, as well as our quality management systems so thank you so much to them and the Ministry of Health.  As a collective of Pacific Health Providers, we are endeavoring to work more closely together.

Lastly, what is important is If you know of anyone within our families or our communities who need support for their elderly parent(s) or people with disabilities or families who are simply struggling to make ends meet please feel free to call our offices at 09 274 9153 or contact us at info@pacifichomecare.org.nz If we can’t we will try to find someone who can. Again Keep well and keep safe

Much Love & care

Hamish Crooks

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