Pacific Homecare wins Whanau Ora Award

Fri 11 Aug 2017

NEWS_WhanauOraAwardMonday the 31st of July was a significant night for Pacific Homecare and our Whanau Ora manager and navigators. Receiving Pasifika Futures Best Performing Core Whanau Ora Partner award was a great milestone for us all.

It is always special to receive recognition from Pasifika Futures our Core Commissioning Agency among our Pasifika peers of providers and leaders who all come from the same values base and commitment to making a difference for our collective work among Pasifika families.

The Whanau Ora programme fits perfectly into our values. We are passionate about empowering our families to challenge the usual thinking that plagues our Pasifika image.  Our navigators care about the families they are working with.

We strive to not just offer financial support to families but to connect them with services and programmes that will help them achieve the goals they have dreamed of achieving. And even more, to encourage our families to pay it forward by helping each other to excel.

“Our aim is to see all families living in healthy homes and communities, prosperous, employed and contributing to the success of New Zealand. Our family-centric approach recognises that the best solutions to family challenges will come from Pacific families themselves. What we need to do is harness the power of Pacific networks, culture and communities.” – Pasifika Futures.

We believe this is possible, one family at a time so it was great to be recognised for our service and commitment.

The focus areas in Whanau Ora are:

We work alongside providers who offer all  types of services to build on the skills and knowledge of our families.  Our team all come from Pacific background each with a life stories and experiences that is invaluable for working with our Pasifika families.

Let’s introduce you to our team

Regina Sheck – Our Whanau Ora Services Coordinator – She constantly on the look-out for partnerships that will give our families confidence but also to create a network that fosters the same values we hold dear
Our Fia-Ola programme is run by navigator Taua Malaetele through Whanau-Ora, the programme is taking care of our elderly by creating an atmosphere and programme to socialise within their own communities to reduce the risk of social isolation and loss of independence.

Our shy but compassionate manager Asena-Fau Uluakiola who is also a navigator, keeps the team on their toes to ensure we are always doing what is right for the families.

Our team of navigators Jacinta Pelenato, Ann Louise Uluakiola, Emily Samuel, Rauna Murray-Stowers, Tifi Samau, and Lisa Takiika who care about the families they work with.

Phylesha Brown-Acton our LGBTQI Manager and Navigator under F’INE who is passionate about providing a support service with a holistic approach to working with Pasifika LGBTQI people and their families and Niva Tuteru-Maroroa  our LGBTQI navigator

Our fierce leader Hamish Crooks who continues the great work of our founding mama’s and works hard behind the scenes to keep our funding going so we are able to continue the great work we do

And finally; our board, who keep the balance of supporting our values and vision and managing the business end.

Meitaki Ma’ata

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