May, 2018

Thu 14 Jun 2018

Winter has certainly come earlier this year, so we need to keep ourselves a little warmer.

This month I was so proud of our team and our families who participated in the Biggest Losers Competition 8-week challenge (with 70 participants) and the O’Rock 5km obstacle challenge on May 20th (with 46 participants).

Congratulations to the winners of ‘Biggest Losers’ and all those spot prizes that I didn’t win (just saying) and obviously all those who completed the 5km Obstacle course. It was really fun, you are all definitely amazing and champions.

This month has many highlights as we continue to deliver everyday services to our customers and the challenges that these bring to an adaptive workforce.  One of the important elements of keeping our team adaptive is ongoing training around skills, knowledge and sharing experiences and stories of themselves and their work.  This builds on their work approach as well as their confidence in communicating.

To this end we have partnered for many years with ‘The Learning Wave’ to deliver our Every Day Leaders’ Workplace literacy programme to assist our workers with confidence in their understanding and improvement of communication skills.

Last month we had another 6 workers complete their 6 days over 6 weeks of training with everyday Leaders. Your presentations at the end show everything you are capable of, so well done.

Pacific Homecare has been so fortunate for over 25 years, services to some of the most vulnerable people in our families and communities have been delivered by many wonderful and pretty amazing Pasifika women, over 90% of all our staff and leaders. These are our Everyday Leaders.

At the time of writing, another amazing leader Caren Rangi from our Board was awarded a Queens Honour with the Order of New Zealand Merit.

Pretty amazing ay, we are so, so proud of her and her leadership that she has given to Pacific Homecare as well as many other organisations and people she has served (and there are heaps). She is a leader who all of New Zealand, Pacific and Cook Islands can be very proud of, truly deserved and congratulations to you Caren and your family, from all of us here at Pacific Homecare.

Hamish Crooks
Chief Executive

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