March, 2018

Mon 14 May 2018

February was a busy month with the Board of trustees and myself completing the final parts of the strategic plan for the next five years and one of the main priorities going forward will be “Looking after our customers better”.

Some people do not like the use of the word “customer” as others prefer to use the word “client”. Our organisation after much consideration and research wants to shift the focus to the customers whom we serve each day.

A good example is our Employee of the Month Hapa Ofanoa who was picked because of the compliments we received from his customers about his work with them. By coincidence, one day I just happened to be travelling to Manukau for a meeting when I saw in the distance a man holding the hand of another younger man just walking along the footpath.

Not often seen these days in public, but I thought it was lovely. As I got closer I noticed it was Hapa walking with one of our customers, a young man with an intellectual disability (looks like they were just walking back from the shops, probably with some goodies no doubt) and I thought what a wonderful reflection of some of the important work our support workers do every day. So congratulations Hapa for being Employee of the Month.

On another note, our Whanau Ora Family Services are well under way with Metua Pakari and Fia Ola programmes in full swing and it’s great to hear the wonderful sounds of our elders enjoying themselves in these services.

We also have “Money Smarts” which is a six week financial capability programme starting with over twenty families participating, so thanks to Brenda Simmons and her team from Fonua Ola in running this service, the feedback from the families is great.

We have also recruited three new Whanau Ora coordinators, June Kiria (Part-time) to look after the East Auckland Families, and Mama John and Moana Misa (both fulltime) so welcome to our team, because there is lots of work ahead us.

I would like to encourage you all with an old Cook Island Proverb “Kare e ‘ara i roto i te mataora a te ngakau aro’a meitaki” which says, “There is no sin in the joy of a giving heart”. So keep up the wonderful work you do.

Hamish Crooks
Chief Executive

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