June, 2018

Thu 19 Jul 2018

We hope all is well with you all, last month was a busy month and we join with others to acknowledge some of our amazing Pacific leaders.

Firstly our congratulations to Vui Mark Gosche who was appointed as the new Chair of Counties Manukau District Health Board, Vui is the Chief Executive of Vaka Tautua and a fellow Pacific provider working with our families in our communities.

Also acknowledging our own Board member Caren Rangi for her Queens Honours Award with an Order of New Zealand Merit and alongside her Dame Winnie Laban from Wellington who also has been committed to the work of Pacific peoples for many years.
There is no doubt we celebrate with them and their families their successes and we also look forward to continuing the good work in serving our families and communities.

This month we have also had some staff changes with Tifi Taiala (nee Samau) also moving to a new job and a new Resource Coordinator in Patricia Crombie will start in July, please make her feel welcomed. Our main focus in June was continuing our normal services each day while completing all our tasks for the corporate year ending on 30th June. This also resulted in Pay Equity wage increases on July 1st, so all workers will receive wage increases between 0.80c/hour and $1.50/hour, which is great.

It is also fair to say that the last corporate year has been one of the most challenging since I started here at Pacific Homecare in 2011. We have seen some of the most impactful changes in our work and services. Obviously, Pay Equity changes have been great for our workforce and our sector. Secondly, ‘Guaranteed Hours’ when workers are guaranteed their hours of work with their employer provides them with the security of hours of work.

It is also great to see workers seeking further qualifications as this will result in better pay rates. In terms of systems to support rosters, customer services and workforce we transitioned to a new CRM and a mobile data App and phone for each worker and we are generally pleased with its progress to date.

Lastly, the Board has completed a new Strategic Plan for the next 5 years which we will release soon. It sets our focus and priorities on what we want to achieve together.  So to all our workers and customers’ thank you for your patience and support throughout this year.

Meitaki Mata e kia manuia

Hamish Crooks
Chief Executive

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