February, 2018

Mon 14 May 2018

Well, it seems everything is underway and full steam ahead as our services continue among our customers and families in their homes, along with whanau ora services supporting families in our communities.

We love what we do and we are passionate about getting it right, even when we struggle at moments in time when we are all challenged with the health and social needs in our families.

We are there to support as best as we can.

The Board and myself have been busy working on our new strategic plan with more focus on looking after our customer better, supporting and empowering our workforce and deepening our engagement and influence. This will assist our “Vaka” to move towards its destination of “Healthier Communities through love, care and professionalism”.

What was one of the cool things at the end of last year was celebrating with our staff achieving the mark of 85% of our workforce attaining national qualifications
pretty cool ay! And we are so proud of our team.

This year we will continue that journey of investing on improving our services as well as the workforce. One of the major changes coming up and being implemented right now is a new system called “eCase Homecare” which is a “digital application” on our Support workers phones when they visit each of our customers’ homes and provide services.

This is new tool and requires a new set of skills that will move our team forward in delivering better services. While it may take us a little time to be fully operational, we are committed to the ongoing quality care and services we provide to you.

Thanks again for supporting us in this journey with you.

Fa’afetai tele lava

Hamish Crooks
Chief Executive

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