To ensure our customers and the wider public are reading the right information about COVID, we have curated credible information to better inform you about the current COVID-19 (Corna virus) pandemic affecting us here in NZ and around the world. By sharing this information, we want to ensure you can make better-informed decisions for you and your family.

Please find below links and other resources to help you at this time. We will update this page as we can and as we learn more about the virus.

Website Links: – COVID-19 Govt Website: Updated info about the virus and info related to symptoms, protecting yourself and other resources. This is developed and updated by the NZ Government.

CLICK HERE – Ministry of Health NZ: For updated information and resources on COVID-19. This hosts info such as daily updates on NZ GOVT announcment, list current cases in NZ, symptoms and prevention and more.

CLICK HERE – Safe Travel NZ Govt: For official travel information related to COVID-19.

CLICK HERE – Beehive Press Releases: All NZ GOVT Press releases. Useful for any other announcments in NZ Govt.

CLICK HERE – Ministry of Health Samoa – Website Updates: Updates, info and resources from the Govt. of Samoa. 

CLICK HERE – Ministry of Health Cook Islands: The latest COVID-19 info for Cook Islanders or people returning to the islands.

CLICK HERE – Ministry of Health Tonga: Check for any updated information about COVID from Tonga.

CLICK HERE – Ministry of Health Fiji: Official announcement’s made by the Govt. of Fiji about COVID-19.

Phone Numbers:

0800 358 5453 – Healthline (NZ): Contact for official information on COVID-19 over the phone.


Video Resources:

CLICK HERE – Tangata Pasifika: Here you can find informative video content about COVID-19, our GOVT alert levels and more as they update. Videos are done in many Pacific Languages.

Downloadable Resources:

CLICK HERE – COVID-19 Resources: Here you can download posters, info sheets and pictures that can be shared via social media. Developed by NZ Govt.

CLICK HERE –  Ministry of Health NZ: Official information for download from MOH NZ.

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