Celebrating 30 Years

Thu 20 Dec 2018

This year we celebrate a small milestone for Pacific Homecare (PHC).

We have been blessed to reach our 30th year as a running Not for Profit organisation providing at-home care for our Pasifika elderly and disability community in the South Auckland area.

A concept that was created by two Cook Island woman who simply wanted to care for the elderly in their community has now developed into a larger scale service provided with Love, Care, and Professionalism.

Established in 1988 Pacific Home Care was originally known as Kuki Airani Aronga Pakari Trust. It was run by two women, The late Mama Matarena George and Mama Pi Elisaia (our current patron and trustee).

Kuki Airani Aronga Pakari Trust was set up to answer the need for Homecare services for the Cook Island elderly people in the local Otara community in Auckland, New Zealand. The service was later extended to all New Zealanders of Pacific Island descent in the community and became one of the strengths of the service.

To fund the programme, they originally started with a small grant from the Social Welfare; however, to maintain the service, additional funds were raised by making and selling Tivaivais (traditional Cook Islands bedcovers).

The group grew as they responded to the demand and needs of the diverse Pacific cultures, elderly and disabled in the Auckland region.

Thirty years on, we are proud to have upheld the idea Mama Matarena and Mama Pi conceived and have developed it into a prominent service within our Pasifika community today.  Offering a range of services from Transportation to Household Care to Personal Care for all six hundred plus customers who are proudly supported by the one-hundred and ninety staff members.

Thanks to the Whanau Ora programme, we have also been blessed with the means to support some of the more vulnerable families in our communities.  Whanau Ora empowers families to reach their goals and builds on a family’s strengths, so they can take ownership of their own needs. A service that focuses on whanau as a whole, rather than dealing with individuals and their problems.

In his celebration speech, PHC CEO Hamish Crooks stated: “with the ‘Auckland drift’ and growing elderly population, there will always be a need for the service we provide, ….. we are celebrating 3o years today and I can tell you now, we will be around for another 3o years!”


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