In-Home Respite Care

In-home respite care supports the quality of living of the client and their families, whanau and people providing on-going support.

These are services funded by the Ministry of Health or the DHB to give carers, family and whanau a rest, and ensure that the person they care for gets the care and support they need in the meantime.

Respite support is based on your needs; respite support may be planned so that respite care is accessed on a regular basis for a pre-arranged time period, or it may also be unplanned. Respite is available in times of emergency or unforeseen event.

Pacific Homecare offers the following respite care services:

PERSONAL CARE includes assistance with getting you ready to face the start and the end of each day. For example, showering, bathing, washing and drying hair, shaving, dressing and undressing, toileting, mobility, meal preparation and feeding

HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT includes assistance with everyday household tasks that you may be struggling to complete. For example, cleaning, laundry, ironing, vacuuming or mopping the floors, doing the dishes, dusting

SLEEPOVER which includes assistance with household tasks and personal care for an overnight period of stay where there is facility for the caregiver to sleep.

COMPLEX CARE is assistance for people with serious injuries, many of which may leave them bed-bound or in a wheelchair. We provide assistance in dealing with hypertension, paralysis, impaired physical conditions including vision, hearing, sensory degradation etc

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