Client Referral Process

Homecare clients are referred to us via Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) agencies from the Ministry of Health and the District Health Board and from the Accident Compensation Corporation.

You can request homecare help specifically from Pacific Homecare when you contact the NASC or ACC.

Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC)

You, or a family member, your Doctor, your friend or the hospital can contact the NASC if you feel that you need help to stay in your own home.
At this point, you can request help from Pacific Homecare.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

If you are an ACC client recovering from an injury and needing support, you may be able to access our services. Pacific Homecare partner with ACC providers for Home and Community Support Services to people (who are ACC clients), living in the greater Auckland area.

Our focus is on providing restorative care. This model of care aims to maximise your independence by focusing on your needs, personal goals and ongoing assessment of your progress.

You can request ACC help from Pacific Homecare by contacting us on 09 274 9153:

Pacific Homecare Assessment

As soon as a referral is received from the NASC a Pacific Homecare Coordinator will visit you in your home within 24 hours. They meet with you and your family and assess your needs with reference to the NASC referral. Pacific Homecare will ring you to obtain your consent from the Client before Pacific Homecare staff enters your home or premises.


The Coordinator selects the most appropriate Care Worker for the job by:

Client review

The Coordinator meets with the client and the Care Worker at least every four months to make sure the services are being delivered to Pacific Homecare’s standard.



“I love seeing my Support Workers. Pacific Homecare is living up to what they are doing. They have become like family and are very good at helping me out. Pacific Homecare is fantastic.” – Pacific Homecare client