Our People

Pacific Homecare is owned and governed by Pacific Islands Home Care Services Trust board and provides services primarily, but not exclusively, for Pacific people. We employ approximately 200 staff to service a client base of approximately 600.

Our Board

The primary roles and responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are defined by the Pacific Homecare constitution. Ultimately the Board is answerable to the individuals, the families and the communities that Pacific Homecare serve.


Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is made up of our Chief Executive, Corporate Manager and Services and Training Manager. Together they are responsible for the operations of Pacific Homecare, and are answerable to the Board.


Our Service Team

The Pacific Homecare Service Team is comprised of three teams of Coordinators – clinical, field and resource – who together are responsible for the quality of care offered to approximately 600 clients.


Our Administration Team

Our Administration Team includes the Payroll Team and Accounts Team, the Executive Assistant and the Office Administrator.


Pacific Homecare Organisational Structure