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Pacific Homecare is a Charitable Trust organisation providing home-based health care services throughout South Auckland to the disabled and the elderly. Our vision is healthier communities through love, care and professionalism.

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Soteria Peo, humble servant to her community

“Some of our customers come with very challenging behaviours, it usually takes a special type of person to work with them. Soteria has been amazing. She has worked tirelessly with some of our difficult customers and has always been reliable doing it.  No complaints.” says Amelia Joseph (Field Coordinator)

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Light at the end of the tunnel

Tatryanna’s uncanny ability to bounce back is mind-blowing! “I have always believed that if you put your best foot forward, no matter what it is, if you are giving the best you, then you’re not giving people reason to attack” This months story is actually a speech from the gorgeous Tatryanna Utanga which she wrote […]

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Linda Muller finds her calling

Usually, you can hear her before you see her but make no mistake this fun-loving, high energy, young lady packs a punch when it comes to crunching the relieving numbers. Our Employee of the month for October Linda Muller shares a little about herself.  

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