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Pacific Homecare is a Charitable Trust organisation providing home-based health care services throughout South Auckland to the disabled and the elderly. Our vision is healthier communities through love, care and professionalism.

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From a Challenging Family Member to Employee of the Month

“It was hard for me to accept that complete strangers could come into my house and take care of my mum the way I would ………. It was not until the right Support Worker came along, Ana Takai did I begin to relax and I began to trust her”

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Seini overcomes major obstacles for the love of her children

Twelve surgeries later, she was moved to the recovery unit where she underwent physio and speech therapy. This was only the beginning of an uphill battle. This served as motivation for Seini to focus on recovering as quickly and safely as possible so she can get back to her children. She understood that this could […]

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Celebrating 30 years with Haliasi Konelio

Hali celebrates 30 years of service this year, right alongside Pacific Homecare.  One of the few carers who has been with us since the beginning.  She has seen many faces come and go in her time here, but the values held by the organisation today remains the same as that of our founders, the late […]

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