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Pacific Homecare is a Charitable Trust organisation providing home-based health care services throughout South Auckland to the disabled and the elderly. Our vision is healthier communities through love, care and professionalism.

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Tatafu family going all in

For thirty-four-year old Cinderella and thirty-six-year old Viliame Tatafu, Whanau Ora was that support needed to realise the value of setting goals and the satisfaction of achieving them.

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For the love of the community

Interviewing our employees of the month is always so refreshing.  Getting a little bit of insight into the people that makes delivering service to our community possible. This month we get a snippet of the life of a very passionate, Hapa Ofanoa and understand why he loves the work he does. 

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Silver Linings

Prior to the accident, Nga was a telephone technician at the time and went to Aitutaki for some contract work. He left his partner of up to 6 years Tuagaru (Vavu) Clyde and their one-year old son Ngatokora Shane Tiavave (Darling) behind in Rarotonga to fulfil this contract.

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